Yoo everybody.

Couple of months ago, I was invited to a webinar with 10000 Codeurs. The topic of the webinar was the “Difference between waterfall project management and agile product development”.

We discussed the following aspects :

Presentation of the V-model: Commonly known as waterfall project management. I shared the positivity of this model, which is it’s easy logic and the fact that it has been inherited from industrial fields. I explained also how it’s not working in the software industry because of the complexity of this field. I shared the side effects of this model that I have experienced during my career as an IT project manager.

The Agile Manifesto : This section introduced the agile approach by sharing first how this world wide change was born, from Utah in 2001. It also talked about the birth of the different agile frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, which took their source from TPS (Toyota Production System)

Agile Transformation : In all my previous experiences I faced lots of difficulties trying to implement agility in different teams. Back in 2015, I tried to use it in a small team, trying to apply the mechanics of Scrum without understanding the “why” behind it. We finally succeeded to generalize this approach in the whole company, by having agile teams that build strategical products that were part of the company's digital transformation roadmap.
The first positive aspect of the Agile way of developing software for that company was the iterative and incremental approach. It showed to the management how we can build products without being obliged to wait for months or even years before handing it to customers.

This post is just an overview the discussion I had with the attendees of the webinar. You can checkout the whole recording with this link.